How to Attract Geese to Your Yard?


As far as birds go, geese get some fairly mixed reviews. These large birds aren’t for everyone, but there are still plenty of people who would like to see a collection of geese grace their property as they migrate. Geese travel far and wide in their flock, making it easy for you to spot them depending on the season. With the right features and a fair amount of bribery, these big birds can be bought. As long as you are aware that when they come to visit, they will bring friends, you should be okay!

What do Geese eat?

Geese are unique in the bird world because unlike other birds that hunt, these larger than average birds are known to graze. The average goose enjoys eating stems, seeds, grass, roots, and grain. These birds will wander around munching on materials from the ground as they waddle along. While this does make it easy to catch their attention, they have been known to do some pretty serious damage to grass during their visits.


In addition to munching on ground-based items on land, these big guys are also known to enjoy a great many aquatic plants. Geese will actually push their heads below the surface of water to gobble up plants on the bottom of a pond. For a snack, they enjoy cracked corn, oats, and rice.

Where can you find Geese?

Plenty of geese are actually native to Canada, but that doesn’t stop them from invading the United States every single year. Most U.S. citizens know what it is like to see a bunch of geese suddenly appear and stay for a while. Generally, these geese will land with plenty of their friends and take over for a while until the birds are refueled and ready to take off again. Geese are especially drawn to areas with a lot of open space, grass, and open water.

How many types of Geese are in the US?

The majority of people think that there is only one kind of goose, but that actually couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a wide variety of geese that spend their days traveling the earth, each with their own coloring and style. However, the most popular kind of geese known to spend time in North America are the Canada Goose, White Fronted Goose, Snow Goose, and Ross’s Goose. The majority of people are familiar with the Canada Goose, which can be found traveling across the United States annually. These brown geese are easily identified by their black and white heads and white underbelly. They can be found traveling in large gaggles and occupying an area for a while before they pack up and head on their way.

How to Attract Geese to your yard?

1. Mow your Lawn

Geese really love munching on grass, but they do believe in too much of a good thing. Freshly cut grass is a great way to attract geese because it provides them with one of their favorite foods and it is completely fresh. In the same way that you might cut your hair, mowing grass helps to remove the dead and keep things green, bright, and new. Geese see this grass and love it, which is why they are often found on golf courses and other well-maintained lands.

2. Water

Geese are large and travel with many other geese, so a simple birdbath will not catch the attention of the local goose population. Though the odd goose might guzzle a bit from a ground-based birdbath, these birds are more interested in big water displays. More importantly, geese love ponds, creeks, and other comparable water sources. If your property allows for it, a nice manmade pond can absolutely catch the attention of geese, particularly if there is room for them to swim around. Geese are huge fans of swimming and enjoy munching on aquatic plants just below the surface of the water. With enough space, they will never want to leave.

3. Cracked Corn

If there is one snack that geese absolutely love, it is cracked corn. Cracked corn can easily be purchased and distributed around your yard to the joy of many geese. Since geese are ground feeders, scattering it around in your grass is an effective way to get it in front of the local goose population. They will happily pick through your grass looking for this tasty snack. However, it is best to scatter it some distance from your door. Since geese can be territorial, it can be good to give them a solid amount of space.

4. Worms

Geese love getting protein from the local lands, and there is nothing that they love more than earthworms. Next time you settle down to garden take the time to collect the worms. They can be left out on a tray feeder for the local geese to enjoy. In addition to earthworms, they also appreciate mealworms. Though mealworms aren’t technically worms, geese love them all the same and will happily snatch them up from a tray. Mealworms are a tasty snack for plenty of different birds too!

5. Grape Salad

While most people try to feed geese bread, this is actually pretty bad for them. Not only does it lack the nutrients that they need, but it also makes them disinterested in the food that they do need. However, if you are looking to give a healthy boost to your local goose friends, salad and some grapes are great for them. Throw out some nice chopped salad and cut the grapes in half. The geese love snatching these healthy snacks up and will feel energized when they take off on their next flight. It is a safe and easy snack to hand off to your local geese, so have it on hand in case they turn up.

6. Oats

Geese absolutely love to get a healthy source of grains, and oats are an excellent way to go about it. You can give them uncooked oatmeal as well as cooked oatmeal and they will be very happy. Many people use uncooked oatmeal since it is easier to scatter in the grass. The geese will catch wind of this and head on over for a delicious meal that will give them long-lasting energy for their next big journey. This is one of the best snacks that you can offer them.

Are Goose and Geese the same thing?

The debate on whether or not goose and geese are the same thing is a bit funny because both sides are technically correct. By definition, the word “geese” is the plural form for goose. However, not every type of goose can technically be geese. This is because goose is also added to the names of many different ducks, which are in fact not geese. The addition of “goose” to their name is purely a naming mechanism, but it does make some people believe that these animals are geese rather than ducks.

Are Geese intelligent?

Though geese might not look that sharp as they lounge about on your grass, the goose is actually one of the smartest birds around. Geese have exceptionally sharp memories that they use to make decisions in their days. In fact, a goose can effectively remember people. This makes it possible for them to hold grudges or avoid certain people and show affection for others. The fact that they have such adept memories makes it much easier for them to protect their territories.

Can Geese be agressive?

One of the main reasons that geese get such bad reputations is the fact that they can be exceptionally aggressive. These birds are large in size, which makes them much more intimidating than a lot of other types of birds. In the event a goose feels threatened or thinks that you might be a risk to the gaggle, they have been known to attack. This is true for people as well as animals. Geese are territorial and will do what they must to protect themselves. While these birds are generally accepting when greeted appropriately, they can be dangerous if backed into a corner. Geese and a few other larger birds are capable of breaking bones in very specific circumstances, but it is more likely that you will be left with a bruise instead.

Why do Geese honk?

Many people have noticed that geese tend to honk when flying overhead, but the reasoning is really just easy communication. When geese fly, they honk to signal where they are in the formation. This can help birds fly more effectively and can also help them to communicate changes in the structure. On the ground, geese might honk to symbolize a departure or even to alert other geese to the presence of an intruder. When geese honk, it is just their way or sharing important information.


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