What does it mean to see an Eagle flying in your dream? (Symbolism and Meaning)

The eagle is a powerful animal that symbolizes freedom, strength, and authority. Seeing an eagle fly in your dream may be your sign to grasp life with both talons, to fly above your competition, and to take any opportunity life might offer you.

Seeing an eagle flying in your dream might be the catalyst you need to spark spiritual growth that can lead you to become who you want to be.

What does it mean to Dream about a flying eagle?

The eagle is a representation of strength, independence, and power. It stands for your capacity to rise above the commonplace and achieve new heights in life. If you dream that you see an eagle flying, it indicates that you have big potential for achievement in all areas of your life.

The eagle is a representation of knowledge and understanding.

It stands for your capacity to acquire fresh perspectives. The presence of an eagle in your dream indicates that you are open to learning new things about yourself and the world around you.

Symbolism of an eagle flying in your dream

Symbol of Power

 A flying eagle in your dream symbolizes your capacity to achieve anything.

The eagle was born with the ability to soar great distances in the sky. As a result, as it soars above all else, the bird is seen to have more control over other birds and other airborne creatures.

To fly like an eagle is to be the best, to be quite literally, soaring above your competition and reaching new heights.

Seeing an eagle flying can give you confidence that this is possible for you, to channel your inner Eagle and fly above the rest.

Symbolism in Life Goals

Seeing an eagle in your dream can be a sign that your life and aspiration can be without boundaries. You have what it takes to pursue and accomplish your goals. Whatever it may be, you have the freedom to chase and hunt what you want in life.

An eagle can hunt its prey from very high altitudes or from quite close to the ground. When it spots an opportunity it goes for it with full commitment. These traits might be relevant to you, and what you might need to become in order to achieve your life goals.  

The eagle flying in your dream may also represent your desire for this independence.  You might be held back by some of your past decisions or actions. The appearance of an Eagle maybe your message to leave this problem behind and seek a fresh start

Magpies as symbols in Career Success

Interestingly, when it comes to career success the Magpie is seen as a sign of luck, contrary to its reputation as a sign of bad omens in other parts of life. This is particularly true in many Asian cultures.

People will change their screensaver on their work computer to a magpie. A picture of a magpie sitting on one of a tree’s tallest branches is thought to bring particularly good luck and fortune.  

Maybe next time you’re going for a promotion or job interview, it might be worth setting your background as a magpie, even if it’s for one day!

Symbol of Protection

The eagle also represents safety and direction. In your dream, if you see an eagle flying, it suggests that someone or something is guarding you. The eagle is a representation of strength and freedom. It stands for your capacity to transcend the mundane and scale new heights in life.

Eagles are a representation of power, strength, and authority.

They are graceful and highly intelligent, ruling the skies. However, to the people of the Northwest coast, eagles are spiritual messengers who bring prayers to the Creator. Their wings are emblems of protection in many civilizations around the world.

Symbol of Spiritual Growth

Flying eagles are also a representation of enlightenment and spiritual growth.

If you encounter an eagle in your dreams, it indicates that you are willing to take a risk and try something different in your life.

Eagles stand for enthusiasm, independence, and individuality. Additionally, eagles have a strong affinity for the element of air. This connection serves as a reminder that we are spiritual beings as well as physical creatures, and that we are shaped by our intents and thoughts.