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When you are looking to buy bird feeders, you will inevitably be met with recommendations for a bird feeder pole. Bird feeder poles are unique stands designed to hold certain kinds of bird feeders, particularly the hanging ones, but many people wonder if they really need one. In truth, you do not need a bird feeding pole to find success with your bird feeding efforts, but the fact of the matter is that bird feeder poles come with some pretty serious perks.


One of the biggest benefits to bird feeder poles is the fact that they can be incredibly effective at deterring pests and protecting your local birds from predators. Since these poles are designed to elevate bird feeders, they can keep the feeders out of the reach of certain insects and animals. Not only does this stop unwanted pests from getting to the food supply that you have out for your birds, but it can make it so birds are at a safer height, which will keep them out of harm’s way and make it easier for them to escape if a predator comes along. 


These simple yet amazing devices also make it easy for birds to spot your feeders and are more accessible for certain kinds of birds. This is why we brought together some of the best bird feeders around for you to consider.

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What is the best bird feeder pole?

When you find yourself looking for simplicity and elegance, this is the perfect kind of product to help you suit that need. This product, which has many uses well beyond simply being a bird feeder pole, does an excellent job of adding a special look to your yard. Its stunning design makes it the perfect touch to your yard décor. You can instantly dress up just about anything with this pole, but more importantly, you can protect your brand-new bird feeder. This pole, with its classy design, is an excellent hanging tool for a beautiful bird feeder and birds absolutely love it.

With this pole, you will be able to elevate your bird feeder an amazing seven feet. This is a great height for bird feeder because it will discourage unwanted visitors from trying to access the food that you leave for birds. It also provides your local birds with a perfectly safe place to eat so that you can enjoy watching them while they snack in peace. Its notable height makes it the perfect deterrent, and also makes it easy for birds to see from far distances. As an added bonus, you can use the pole to hang flowers, lights, and more during other times of the year.

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While the majority of people think of traditional bird feeding poles, there are actually several different kinds and this deck connection is the perfect example. With this amazing deck hook, you can easily get all of the benefits of a bird feeding pole for your deck, balcony, or even some windows. This great device makes it easy for you to quickly attach it using its sturdy connection system so that you can get your bird feeder hanging for the new season. It is particularly beneficial for those who live in apartments and might not have access to a full yard for their bird watching.

One major area of concern when it comes to bird feeders is the interest of squirrels and insects. If you simply attach your bird feeder to a deck or balcony, unwanted pests will have surprisingly easy access to your bird feed. However, with this helpful device you can easily elevate your bird feeders and keep them out of unwanted mouths. This pole makes it more difficult for squirrels to access your bird feeders, but also makes the feeders more prominent to any birds that might drop by. This is a great and reliable product that has a weather-resistant coating which makes it possible to leave it out year-round.

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If you are looking for a simple but effective bird feeding pole, this is a great design at an affordable price. Like many other popular bird feeding poles, this elevates your feeders nearly seven feet in the air, making them accessible for birds and inaccessible to unwanted predators. Even better, this tends to hold the feeders at a comfortable height for most adults, which makes it nice and easy for you to refill and clean your feeders as needed. You will find that having feeders in a prominent space at this height makes them easier than ever for local birds to see, so make sure that you set it up somewhere where you can easily watch it. 

Certain birds prepare to visit feeders that are around this height, particularly the hummingbirds that this pole was designed for. When it comes to aesthetically pleasing lawn décor, this bird feeding pole does an excellent job. You will enjoy just how well it blends into your yard, and it does a great job of adding a little extra design aesthetic when it comes to your outdoor experience. You will love the way that this pole looks, and it even has the benefit of being resistant to rust. This makes it the ideal pole for long-term use in your yard because it will not show wear and tear. With its easy finish, you can simply spray it down for a good wash and you won’t have to worry about it rusting in the rain or snow, so you can leave it out all year.

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One major problem with bird feeders is that they tend to catch the interest of squirrels. Squirrels are known for their love of all things feed related, and since they are particularly adept climbers and spend their time in trees, they are great at accessing hanging feeders that you might have dangling from a nearby branch. In fact, squirrels have been known to get up the odd bird feeding pole or two, so if you find yourself dealing with some particularly clever squirrels, you might just be in need of a stronger defense system. 

If you keep seeing squirrels driving away your local birds, don’t worry. This bird feeding pole was made with you in mind. The most obvious selling point for this product is the squirrel deflection system. On this device, you can see a larger area on the pole. This is a baffle and is made to stop squirrels from being able to scurry right up the pole. Even if they try, they will quickly become frustrated and give up. When this happens, your birds will be able to enjoy their meal comfortably while the squirrels watch from nearby. In addition to this amazing system designed to deter squirrels, you can also enjoy the eight convenient bird feeding hangers, making it easy for you to mount multiple bird feeders at once. This can be particularly effective if you have a lot of birds or simply want to be able to provide more of a variety in the food.

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If you are in the market for a good bird feeding pole, look no further than this all-inclusive bird feeding station that is designed to make it easier than ever for you to meet the needs of all the local birds. Not only does this product offer a stable and well-designed bird feeding pole, but the pole itself is equipped with custom fixtures for different bird feeding tools. This product, which is equipped with a sturdy five-prong base, does an excellent job of providing the perfect drop point for all of the local birds regardless of their food preferences or needs.

 When it comes to providing a complete bird experience, this station covers all of the most important bases.

With this feeding pole, there are four hooks in total. These hooks can be used to hold just about any kind of bird feeder, but the company is nice enough to offer a suet feeder for your convenience. In addition to the four hooks, this product also provides a couple of additional perks. It offers a stable and pre-attached bird feeding tray that is great for birds interested in perching. Even better, this product also has pre-attached bird bath with a simple design that can be easily removed for washing as needed. When you pair all of this with a beautiful look, it is easy to see why people absolutely love this top-rated product.

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When it comes to attaching a product to your home, you want something that is going to last in the long run. This product was designed with that exact ideology in mind, which is what makes it such a wonderful investment. Unlike other bird feeding poles that might be cheaper or more prone to breakdown, this pole is made with great materials and a strong attachment system that makes it perfect for providing you with a complete bird feeding pole setup that you can enjoy for years to come. 

This product makes it easier than ever for you to attract birds to your yard so that you can enjoy viewing them while spending time on your deck. With its simplistic yet appealing design, you won’t think twice about attaching it to your deck or balcony, and since it can attach to balconies it is also ideal for those who might not have yards for traditional bird feeding poles. The biggest perk with this design is the extended length of it. Many popular deck-based bird feeder poles have short designs that can make them easier to access for pests and can cause hygiene problems. With this extended design, your bird food will be completely out of reach of pests. More importantly, since it extends so far out it means you won’t have to worry about a mess from the local birds. Whether they are relieving themselves or scattering seed, this will make sure that the messes that they leave behind do not fall on your deck.

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Though a simple bird feeding pole can be nice, the fact remains that sometimes you need a little something more. With this amazingly well-designed bird feeding pole, you get exactly that. This is a product that perfectly combines form and function, making it possible for you to enjoy a wonderful bird feeding pole while also making it easy for you to feel good about adding this to your yard. Unlike some of the more common bird feeding poles, the creators of this product set out to make a bird feeding pole that could truly add something to your yard. 

Rather than simply making an accessory, they went ahead and put a focus on creating a lawn element that served a dual purpose. For this reason, you will be thrilled to set this up in your yard and wait for the compliments to come in. In addition to having a fashionable design with exciting accents and a quaint all-black appearance, this product offers some great function. First, it provides you with a basic seven-foot design so that your bird feeders will be safely out of reach from obnoxious pests that might have an interest in your precious bird seed. Additionally, it has a quad-design with four sturdy hooks so that you can hang a variety of feeders, or even some additional plants if you want to dress up the design even further.

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It is fairly common for people to fail to realize just how smart the local neighborhood squirrels are until they get a bird feeder. Squirrels are little masterminds when it comes to scaling certain surfaces, and they absolutely love getting their tiny paws on a good bird feeder when they can. Since squirrels tend to see these feeders as an easy opportunity for some free food, they tend to get incredibly creative when it comes to accessing them. Understanding that this was a problem that was making trouble for many bird watchers everywhere, this company set out to design a system that stopped squirrels in their tracks. 

Using a custom-designed baffler, this product makes it impossible for squirrels to gain access to your bird feeders, which means that your birds won’t have any unexpected guests. With this product, you gain access to a perfectly simple and aesthetically appealing bird feeding pole that will look great in your yard. This group understands that not everyone has the same needs, which is why they are happy to offer this product with a variety of hook options. Depending on how many things you want to hang, you can choose a product that works well for you. Since the pole is designed to make it impossible for even the most clever or creative squirrel to access your bird feeders, you can save money on seed since it won’t be pilfered by other local animals.

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Sometimes you want a product that really just meets all your needs with a single purchase at a reasonable price, and this product is exactly that. This premium bird feeding station kit brings together everything that you could ever need for a complete bird watching experience. You will find that it is easier than ever for you to prepare for the arrival of the local birds because this kit has everything that you will need to get started. It brings together a beautifully designed bird feeding pole with a variety of other products that are great for a complete bird feeding setup.

With this kit, you will receive a bird feeding pole, suet feeder, fat ball feeder, tray feeder, nut feeder, and seed feeder. This setup makes it easy to meet the needs of every kind of bird whether you are looking for something local and friendly or a wild bird that is on the move across the country. In addition to all of these feeder options, the kit also comes with a bird bath that can easily be removed for quick cleaning. You will love the convenience of this setup, and they even offer additional hooks in the event that you think something might be missing. Adding in this product’s stable design, it is all too obvious why this is such an amazing product.

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In the event that you would rather hang your bird feeder on poles rather than the top of a deck or balcony, this is a truly great design. It is easily attached to two poles, making it ideal for apartment dwellers in particular. Using a simple clamp design, you can quickly attach it in no time. Its sturdy build makes it reliable, so you won’t have to worry about it crashing to the ground and getting bird seed all over your balcony. Even better, the design makes it possible for you to hang it facing in or out. Since some apartment complexes do not allow external facing balcony elements, this makes it easy for you to welcome the birds right into your space instead.

The two real benefits of this design are the price and the lack of damage. This product is much cheaper than the majority of other bird feeding poles on the market, making it a simple investment in a product that will last for several years. Many popular deck feeding poles are known to attach rather aggressively to your balcony or deck, but the simplistic attachment design makes it all too easy to attach it anywhere without any damage at all. This means that you can happily hang it on your balcony without worrying about getting your deposit back from your apartment complex.

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While many birds appreciate a higher bird feeder, not all of them do. If you are trying to catch the interest of birds that don’t mind sitting a little lower, this is probably the perfect set for you. Coming in a mere few feet off the ground, these bird feeder poles do an excellent job of stably supporting your bird feeders as needed. Many people find them to be effective in a garden setup, and since they have a simplistic and neutral design, you can easily place them just about anywhere and have some pretty great results. 

If you are a fan of the less is more ideology, you will love these great products. A major perk to ordering this product is that it is actually a product set. Since these bird feeder poles are shorter than some of the other products available, the creators were nice enough to sell them in sets of two. This is a particularly big perk if you want to attract different kinds of birds that might be territorial or cause problems. Since these are fairly low to the ground, it is probably better to simply leave them in areas where there is not too many squirrels or natural predators for birds. With this design, it is easy to find a good place to fit them and they are also incredibly easy to install.

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When you attach something to your deck, you want it to go with your décor. While there are plenty of great simple designs, it is easy to wish for something more. Fortunately, these product developers understood a need for some flashier designs, and they were happy to deliver. This chic urban deck feeding pole is a great addition to your deck and is guaranteed to get you compliments from any visitors because it is just so nice to look at. Unlike the majority of these feeders that simply hang the bird feeder away from the deck, this pole stretches vertically and is covered in a charming design with leaves and an adorable bird on top. 

It is black in color, so it blends in with any deck around. Not only does this product offer a truly great design, but it is also fitted with two well-designed hooks that make it easy to hang up bird feeders. You can use these poles for any purpose, whether you want two bird feeders or a bird feeder and a hanging flower basket. Despite being incredibly pretty to look at, this product makes it easier than ever for you to install it and count on it for years to come. It offers a durable and sturdy design that can reliably hold most feeders, and it looks great while providing you with function. Depending on how you set it up, you can choose where you want the bird feeder hanging off your deck or over it.

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What different types of bird feeder poles are there?

Bird feeder poles come in a variety of designs, types, and functions. Depending on what you are looking for you, you might need a specific kind of bird feeder pole to comfortably hang up your favorite bird feeders. Out of the different types, the two most common are the standing poles and the deck poles. With these two types, you can always find a pole that will work for you.


A standing pole is exactly what it sounds like. These poles are generally inserted into the ground using some kind of prong system so that you can stand it up anywhere in your yard. While they can do some damage to the ground, the reality is that it is so minimal that it likely won’t be a problem. These poles can stretch up from the ground and come in a variety of different heights and designs. Some of the cheaper ones rely on a single pole or corkscrew design while others rely on a multi-pronged system that makes it easy for you to feel confident that your pole will be able to support the weight of many birds.


A deck pole is a pole that has been designed to attach to a deck or balcony. In some cases, these poles can also be affixed to certain window frames and other comparable surfaces. Unlike traditional poles that stand up vertically, these poles are generally angled out and offer one or more hooks on the end. While some can be vertical in design, most of them are made to keep the birds off of your deck so that you can watch them with ease without necessarily having to clean up after them. These poles are particularly helpful for people who do not have yards of their own, making them ideal for condos and apartments.

What should I look out for when buying a bird feeder pole?

When you set out to purchase a bird feeder pole, you will want to consider your own personal needs to help guide your choice. At first glance, the number of available bird feeder poles can feel a bit overwhelming, but in reality, it is easier than ever for you to choose the right pole if you just consider a few key things. The most relevant factors are:


  • Materials—Some materials are more appealing than others, and this can be important depending on your intended use and where you live. Choosing a bird feeder pole that is made from the right materials can be the difference between an investment that lasts years and an investment that barely lasts two years.
  • Sturdy—When choosing a bird feeder pole, you want a setup that you can rely on. As a general rule, the more prongs on the bottom of your bird feeder, the better. You want to look for a pole that has a healthy support system and won’t be influenced by the weight of birds that drop by for a visit.
  • Durability— Certain materials are more prone to damage from weather and cannot be left out year-round or in certain elements. It is possible for some poles to rust or breakdown over time, particularly in rain, cold, or snow. Understand what you are looking for so that you can choose a product that will last.
  • Installations—Most people don’t want anything too complicated when it comes to installing a bird pole, so consider how much work you want to put in. Certain poles come with easy to install processes while others can take more manual effort. Look for something that matches your skill and patience level. There are plenty of products for people of all levels.
  • Aesthetic—A huge consideration when choosing a bird feeder pole is the aesthetic. The majority of people want a pole that will look nice in their yard, but what does that really mean to you? You will want to find a product that matches your design choices. You might want a simple black pole or something with a fancier look. Consider what will compliment your yard and act accordingly.
  • Number of Feeders—If you are looking for a little bird traffic or a lot of bird traffic, you will want to consider where you fall before choosing a bird feeder pole. Bird feeder poles come in different sizes and are meant to hold different numbers of feeders. You can generally find feeder poles that hold up to eight bird feeders in total, and some even offer setups for different kinds of feeders. Consider how many feeders or plants you want to put up and purchase accordingly.
  • Anti-Pest Features—Many people buy bird feeding poles for the convenience of their local birds. Birds have very little interest in sharing their food or becoming food themselves. For this reason, it is generally best to invest in taller bird feeding poles with anti-pest features as needed. Many are fitted with guards against squirrels and other pests, including raccoons.

How do I stop squirrels from getting to my bird feeder pole?

It is no secret that squirrels have a tremendous interest in bird feeders, but that doesn’t mean that your neighborhood birds are open to sharing. If you are looking to benefit from your bird feeder pole by fighting against pests, there are a few different approaches that you can take. The most common approaches are squirrel deflectors and using food that squirrels aren’t interested in.


Squirrel deflectors, also known as baffles, are devices that are specifically designed to stop squirrels from being able to scurry up your bird feeding poles. With these in place, the squirrels will be unable to physically pass a certain point in the pole. While they can see the food, they won’t be able to access it. This will discourage them and allow your birds to eat in peace. The general idea is that by providing unstable ground, the squirrels won’t be able to make it past the barrier. These can also be used against raccoons and other interested animals. If nothing else, simply choosing something that the squirrels aren’t interested can be a good enough deterrent in some cases.

What bird feed do squirrels dislike?

Though squirrels are known to love a lot of different food types that we often use in bird feeders, that doesn’t mean that they will necessarily enjoy all of it. Squirrels may not be the pickiest of eaters, but they do have some seed options that simply do not catch their interest like the others. Out of the different seed options, safflower seeds are the least likely to attract squirrels. It might be the nutrients, the small size, or even the taste, but squirrels almost always leave these strange seeds alone.

How to attach a slinky to a aird feeder pole?

In the event that you don’t want to invest in a formally designed baffle, a slinky can make for an amazing alternative. Using this simple child’s toy can quickly discourage unwanted visits from squirrels and other curious neighbors because they will hit the ground when they try to grab on to it. 


As far as DIY approaches to pest management go, this is one of the cheapest and the easiest to manage yourself. You will be amazed by just how effective it is, but make sure that the slinky that you choose is long enough to deliver unwanted guests back down to the ground.


In order to do this, you will want to simply take the slinky and attach it to the feeders at the top. When you do this, you will be providing the perfect barrier between the bottom of the pole and the feeder itself. Be cautious of weight limits when doing this, as some hooks might not be designed to hold the weight of some of the animals. Fortunately, the weight problem is rare. You can use anything to attach them ranging from flat out hanging them on all the way to using zip ties. Find something that will keep them in place and put the slinky around the pole so that it hangs down. When your pests grab on, they will quickly fall to the ground.

How to make a bird feeder pole hard to climb?

There are a variety of different animals that might try to climb your bird feeder poles, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let them get away with it. It is incredibly common for squirrels, raccoons, and even the oddly dedicated cat to attempt to scale up a bird feeder pole. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to keep these unwanted guests from visiting your feeders. Using the right tools, you can make it possible for your hanging bird feeders to be a fly-only zone.


When it comes to finding the right way to keep annoying beasts from crawling up your bird feeder poles, the best approach is baffles or comparable equivalents. These unique tools make it impossible for animals to climb up the pole by failing to provide them with the purchase that they need to move up the pole. They generally come in different sizes depending on the pest, but the end result is always the same: no pests. They are particularly effective at making unwanted visitors give up hope and return to foraging for their own food while leaving the birds and bird feed alone.

What is the best location to place a bird feeder pole?

Bird feeder poles are known for their incredible versatility because you really can put them anywhere. However, despite the fact that you can theoretically place them anywhere, there are some things that you will want to consider before installing your brand-new bird feeder pole. Choosing the right spot can determine how many birds visit your feeders and how many unwanted pests can access them as well.


The biggest recommendation when choosing a good location for your bird feeder pole is to avoid being anywhere near trees. Not only does this make the feeder more difficult to birds to see, but it can make it incredibly easy to access for squirrels. Even if you have other techniques to deter them in place, do not underestimate a squirrel’s ability to slip down to your feeder from a tree. In addition to this, it is often best to place them somewhere open so that more birds can see the feeder from a greater distance. This will bring more company to your yard and improve your birdwatching experience.

What are some of the most reputable brands for bird feeder poles?

There are many great bird feeder poles on the market, but some brands have put in the time and dedication to really stand out among their peers. Though you might be able to find a good product at a different company, these companies are known for their exceptional service and well-designed products:


  • Shepard Hooks—This brand is great for making high-quality bird feeder poles that are incredibly easy to install.
  • Gray Bunny—This brand is known for making a variety of helpful bird-related products that can boost your birdwatching experience.
  • Ashman—As far as premium brands go this company really excels. They offer great service and great products.

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  1. I bought Shepherd’s hook and a squirrel baffle for my sunflower seed feeder. I put the baffle under the feeder on the pole. Previously, the squirrels would just climb up on the shorter poles I had purchased and pig out. With this taller Shepherd’s hook and the baffle, the squirrels are “baffled”.

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