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Though some people love having birds in their yards, others find that they cause too many problems. 

Whether you have a bothersome woodpecker, a collection of birds eating your garden, or you just want to spend the time in your yard without worrying about any birds gobbling up your potato chips, the fact is there are times when you want to repel birds. 

Not all birds come in peace, and many have been known to cause problems, particularly when it comes to growing plants or produce.

Most animals can be deterred by certain sensory elements, which is why our guide will help you to understand why certain things can drive the birds away. 

In fact, understanding this when you want birds in your yard can also be helpful. You might just find that you have been scaring off the birds by mistake!

Birds are known to be deterred by plenty of different kinds of repellents. Depending on what kind of birds you plan to ward off, some types of repellents might be better than others. 

Still, it is important to understand that there are many options for deterring bird activity, so if one doesn’t work for you, you can always try something else instead.

Much like the rest of us, birds have certain things that they just plain don’t like. Certain smells can ward them off, leaving them disinterested in coming back. 

When you imagine visiting a place that smells unpleasant or attempting to chew on something that doesn’t taste quite right, it is easy to see how birds might feel the same way.

In addition to smell, birds are also deterred by certain sights and sounds. Some sights might frighten birds away, while others might just make them think that an area is taken. 

When it comes to making birds rethink their decision to make a nest in your yard, you want them to be able to see immediately why they want to leave. 

Visual repellents are helpful for making birds leave before they ever truly arrive, and certain sounds can act the same way.

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Best bird repellent by smell?

If there is one amazing feat of modern bird science, it is the introduction of optical gel bird repellent. Birds are easily deterred by certain sights and sounds, and this amazing product leverages both to humanely deter birds. 

The gel itself mimics the appearance of fire to birds because of their UV vision. The gel also mimics the smell of smoke to birds, making it appear as if the surface itself is on fire. 

Birds will head somewhere else to spend their time that they deem to be safer. Fortunately, this means that you can easily repel them in no time.

The real selling point of this optical gel is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use. With this product, you can simply take the product, open the container, and place it in the area that you don’t want the birds visiting.

This easy to use pack even offers you twenty-four individual gels to make it easy to fill up any space.

These are easy on the eyes, and they work anywhere, whether you are at home or using them for your business. At the end of the day, these gels make it easier to ward off birds than ever.

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The majority of people love the smell of fresh peppermint, particularly when it comes to creating a presence that smells clean. 

This tantalizing smell is popular in all kinds of products that we love, particularly around Christmas. However, this is one of the commonly known organic bird repellents. 

Birds absolutely hate the smell of peppermint oil and it does a great job of discouraging them from dropping by. With this easy to use peppermint oil, all you have to do is take the time to rub it where you want the birds to be deterred from and enjoy its wonderful smell.

For us, peppermint is a delightful and prominent smell. However, for birds, peppermint oil is harsh and can even be damaging. Birds are very sensitive when it comes to their sense of smell. 

They have a refined sense of smell that makes it easy for them to navigate certain elements in nature, but unfortunately, it means that sharper smells like peppermint can actively deter them because it doesn’t smell good. 

Fortunately, this product makes it easy to make birds choose somewhere else to hang out, and is a humane alternative to other bird repellents. Using this concentrated peppermint oil, you can easily deter local birds in no time!

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This amazing liquid bird deterrent easily handles bird problems by establishing a barrier that even the most stubborn birds won’t want to cross. 

With this humane approach to deterring animals, you can clear an area of unwanted animal activity in no time, and with no risk to the animals. 

This aroma-based liquid deterrent is easy to use. Simply apply the liquid to the desired area and watch as birds start to actively avoid the area.

The magic behind this safe bird deterrent is the key ingredient, which is derived from a derivative of the concord grape.

This smell offends the senses of local birds because of its sharp and acrid smell, that while minimal to us, is incredibly potent to them.

Birds will no longer return to the area because of the smell, and you can rest easy knowing that your space is protected. It is known to deter a wide range of birds, particularly the kinds of birds known to cause trouble in yards.

You can use the deterrent in its natural form or mix it with water and use a paintbrush for easy application.

No matter what, it makes it easy for you to target a specific area and say goodbye to your feathered troubles.

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The Liquid Fence Goose Repellent was made to determine a wide range of animals, not just geese.

However, if you’re a home or business is known to harbor geese when they stop by every year, you know what a mess they can make and why someone might make a product aimed more towards them.

Geese, ducks, and other migratory birds are known to take over an area and make quite a mess of it. With this easy spray, you can make sure that your problematic bird visitors go hang out somewhere else.

The trick to this easy to apply repellent is that it can be used to make the local food supply unpleasant to the smell for geese and other kinds of animals.

This means that rather than hanging out until they run out of food, the unwanted birds and animals will have to head out as soon as they arrive.

It is a safe and humane approach that is effective at stopping animals from spending time in your yard in no time. Simply add water, and spray the desired area so that you can reclaim your home!

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Best Bird Repellent by Sound?

Sometimes the best way to handle a problem is to use a modern approach and this fascinating piece of technology offers a futuristic solution to an age-old problem.

If you are facing problems with birds, this amazing system might just be the hands-off solution that you are looking for. With this system, birds will meet an unpleasant sound that will send them flying in another direction.

This ultrasonic noise will make birds choose another location to hang out, which means you can be bird-free in no time.

Noise machines are one of many popular humane approaches to deterring birds, and this machine is filled with state of the art technology that makes it easier than ever to deter unwanted visitors.

Not only does this machine emit a sound that birds and certain other animals find unpleasant, but it also actively scans for bird activity. The system can detect birds up to 82 feet away, so it knows when to turn on and emit the noise.

This makes it require less energy and makes it easy to say goodbye to unwanted bird activity around your home!

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With this amazing piece of modern bird management technology, you can ensure that no birds in the area want to drop by for a visit. This owl statue combines sights, sounds, and more to effectively ward off birds of all kinds.

It has the intimidating appearance of an owl, flashing red eyes, and also emits three different noises that are designed to ward off unwanted bird visitors.

Using this bird deterrent, you can rely on every known type of repellent to ensure that even the most curious birds won’t want to drop by.

The biggest perks with this product are the levels of use and the solar-powered aspect. Since this product is solar-powered, you never have to worry about plugging it in or changing the batteries.

This device will keep on working for as long as you need it to, and it does an amazing job of sustaining itself, even on cloudy days.

When you pair this with different levels of use, making it possible for you to slowly increase the severity depending on what kind of birds are dropping by, you have a product that is easy to use and ready to deliver results.

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This simple system makes managing your bird and animal pest problems a breeze in a safe and eco-friendly way. With this easy to install device, you can immediately gain access to a wide variety of bird management techniques, so you can get right to having fun with your space. 

The Senluo 2 grants you immediate access to visual and auditory deterrents that fit perfectly in your yard or business without inconveniencing your family or customers. 

Using this device, you simply place it in the desired area and use the provided remote to choose which settings to use.

The real benefit of this device is its three different settings. You can have the device simply emit a visual warning flash known to deter birds, an ultrasonic sound that only animals can hear, or use a predator alarm that will ward off animals and alert you to their presence at the same time.

Depending on what kind of birds you are dealing with, you might find that any of these settings work best for you. Fortunately, switching between settings is easy with the remote.

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When the company made this product, it was specifically with the idea of deterring birds in mind. Though many other devices are used to deter a wide range of animals, they set out to specifically target birds within their process so that you can enjoy complete peace and not worry about your yard.

With a combination of auditory and visual effects, you can count on this system to effectively send birds in another direction so that you won’t worry about them. With this easy to setup device, you can effectively limit your bird-related problems.

This system offers two primary methods of deterring birds: sights and sounds. It offers a flashing light that is known to deter birds, and also comes with a variety of repelling sounds that are sonic and ultrasonic in nature to send birds heading where they need to be, somewhere else.

Using the confusion button, you can set the sounds to consistently change so that birds are always caught off guard. Even better, this system is paired with motion detection so that it can easily startle birds away when they show up.

Simply set the system up in a chosen spot and watch how the bird activity declines.

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If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to bird repellents that are also eco-friendly, look no further than these easy to use balloons. Simply hang them where the birds are causing problems and you can enjoy a bird-free space in no time.

These unique looking balloons are perfect for scaring off birds and act as an easy to use alternative to the traditional scarecrow. These interesting repellents simply play off of the natural instincts of the birds so that they will go hang out somewhere else.

These eyes have holes all around them that use holographic technology to mirror the reflective surface of a predator’s eyes. When the local birds see this, they will immediately look for somewhere safer to hang out because they won’t want to share a space with a predator.

Fortunately, these balloons make it easier than ever to make birds fly away, and they do so safely and easily. You can count on these balloons to immediately begin deterring birds as soon as you install them, and they offer a fun decorative opportunity as well.

Each one is made to use various visual cues to drive birds away and deter them from coming back.

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Many visual bird repellents err on the side of disastrous in design, which is why Homescape Creations set out to make something that could repel birds and look nice at the same time.

Instead of relying on obnoxious colors or bizarre shapes that don’t match the design of your home or office, these easy to install rods allow you to deter birds while adding a little bit of flourish to your area. Not only do they work well, but they also look great so you can feel good about hanging them in your yard.

The trick to these amazing deterrents is all in their design. They bring together a wind chime effective, making it simple for them to twist in the wind, and then pair it with a reflective surface.

The birds see the motion and assume that the rods are something alive, and the reflective surface can be unpleasant for the birds because of their unique vision.

Using these two techniques, you can easily enjoy a decrease in your bird activity while also adding something special to your space that is pleasant to look at.

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With this easy to use scare tape, you can choose where and how you will deter birds in your own space.

Unlike other visual types that require hanging or installing of some kind, this simple tape can easily be applied to any surface to begin scaring birds off immediately.

You can use exactly as much as you need, and it is even possible to simply wash it off if you begin to notice that it is getting dull. You can use it just like any other form of tape.

Simply cut the desired piece and then apply it anywhere that you need it. This gives you complete control over your domain.

The way that this easy tape works is by creating a reflective surface. Reflective surfaces are generally a sign of predators in nature.

Most predators have a reflective area behind their eyes that can be seen by nearby animals as a warning sign. With this tape, you can easily mimic the reflective surface of a predator’s eyes, which will make local birds in the area think twice before they drop by.

Fortunately, with this simple setup, you can protect any space within a few short minutes.

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These adorable owl deterrents allow you to add something cute to your yard while also driving off unwanted bird visitors. With this easy to install setup, you will receive endearing owl cutouts that can dress up your yard but scare off the local birds after simply hanging them in the desired area.

Though the owls might look harmless to us, birds will recognize the shape and choose to leave since owls are known predators in nature. You can easily hang them anywhere and watch bird activity rapidly decline.

In addition to their owl shape, these decoys also rely on other visual and auditory cues to deter bird activity.

Instead of offering the shape alone, they are also made using a reflective surface. Reflective surfaces are known deterrents for birds, and when combined with the size of the owl, these deterrents do an excellent job of deterring birds of all shapes and sizes.

With this, they also have bells and sound-making devices on them that make a pleasant sound for you but further add to the bird scare factor.

Birds use sounds as an indication that something might be nearby, and these make it easier than ever to ward them off.

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These pinwheels bring together a cute and simple design with the ability to deter birds of all shapes and sizes.

Pinwheels have long since been celebrated as an adorable lawn ornament, and with these great devices, you can also enjoy a lack of birds in your area so there is no mess to clean up.

Blinders are a great way to reduce bird activity, and these pinwheels bring together helpful technology with a design that you will absolutely love. Using pinwheels is easy. 

You can add them to gardens, roofs, decks, and so much more. Simply affix the pinwheel in the desired area and you can get right to work protecting your yard. 

Blinders create a reflective surface that will leave your local birds uninterested in your yard. Not only do reflective surfaces mimic predators, but they also offer an unpleasant experience for birds with their unique vision. 

Bringing this together with the motion and sound of a pinwheel, you can enjoy a complete change in bird presence no matter where you place them. This fun alternative to traditional bird repellents is perfect for helping you to take control of your yard.

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Best Physical Bird Repellent?

With these easy to apply spikes, you can take a more traditional approach to bird management.

Physical spikes act as the perfect barrier for any surface, making it possible for you to deter bird activity no matter where your problem areas are.

This solution involves creating an area where it is possible for birds to land. Since birds need a somewhat flat surface to land on, the spikes make it so they have to choose somewhere else to perch.  By using these easy spikes, you can stop bird activity immediately.

Installing these spikes is easy because it makes it possible for you to enjoy a simple solution to bird pest problems with no experience.

All you have to do is use the adhesive, place the spikes where you want them, and watch as you immediately reclaim your space.

These spikes are effective for use year-round and can provide you with a better way to get immediate solutions.

The spikes can be removed and reapplied later as needed, so you can always choose what is best for you. As an added bonus, the company even offers a five-year warranty.

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Some people worry about the potential for spikes to harm birds and would prefer a physical solution that puts their visitors less at risk. With this easy to use netting, you can easily deter bird activity without worrying about whether or not the birds might hurt themselves.

Birds have a dislike for netting, which makes this a great physical barrier that will limit bird activity quickly after a simple installation. 

Using netting is a great way to secure certain particular spaces, and this product is designed to deter pests of all sizes. Whether it is a bird in your garden or raccoons targeting your trash, you can stop these animals in their tracks.

Netting works by creating a physical barrier between animals and your space. With this approach, you can apply the netting anywhere and gain immediate protection from the local animals.

This resilient netting is a great deterrent against the most dedicated animals and requires absolutely no maintenance after setup.

This is particularly effective for protecting certain open areas from animal activity, particularly if you notice that your garden is getting torn up or that certain unwanted animals have decided to make their home on your property.

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Copper mesh provides you with a unique way to control birds and rodents with absolute ease. This industrial-strength product is designed to last long in various kinds of weather so that you can easily install it and let your worries slip away.

This mesh more tightly knit than popular netting options, making it ideal for all kinds of deterrent situations, particularly where small holes are involved.

Many birds are known to nest in small spaces, and with this easy to apply mesh, you can enjoy immediately restricting access to certain problem spots so you won’t end up with any baby birds living on your property.

The mesh roll was made with eco-friendly solutions in mind. Though baby birds might be very cute, you probably don’t want them on your property.

Certain birds can become territorial, and they have been known to make quite a lot of noise from time to time.

With this mesh, you can stop birds from nesting in popular spots, or even just make it difficult for them to cling to your roof. Either way, you have an easy to install solution that will ethically deter bird activity.

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Table of Contents

What Should I look Out For in a Bird Repellent?

When you are looking for an effective bird repellent, you will want to consider what each kind of repellent might mean for you. Sure, you might want the local birds gone, but that doesn’t mean that every single option available is right for you.

Choosing a type of bird repellent is generally a fairly personal decision because each option comes with different techniques and different physical appearances as well. 

You might not mind a reflective owl in your yard, or you might hate the idea of it. Understanding what each kind of product offers makes it easier to make the right decision for your household.

1. Physical Appearance

How does the physical appearance of a bird repellent effect you? Many visual bird repellents are known to come in bright colors or in strange designs. 

While some people might not mind this fun addition, others might find that it clashes with their yard. Make sure you consider the look of each product so that you don’t end up with a total eye-sore.

2. Auditory Implications

Many popular bird repellents rely on sounds to drive off birds. Some clatter in the wind while others emit actual noises designed to drive animals away. Some people might find that these noise-focused bird repellents drive away some of the animals that they like to have around or might even bother pets. 

Understanding what each auditory system does is important so that you don’t end up with any unwanted effects. In fact, some of these even emit noises that humans can hear, which can be annoying for you.

3. Potential Risk

While a bird might not land on a spike, pets are known to be a bit more curious. Depending on where certain physical barriers go, you might just find that they can cause problems for some of the other wildlife. 

Things like nets can also have implications where pets are involved, and you might just find that your puppy has been spending more time in your garden than you thought.

4. Effectiveness

Some approaches to bird repellents are simply more effective than others. Depending on what kind of birds you have visiting, you might just realize that some methods aren’t having the desired effect. 

Take the time to research each product and learn about its overall effectiveness before you choose where to invest your money.

5. Maintenance

Depending on what kind of method you choose, you might find that some products need more maintenance than others. Many popular digital approaches to bird repelling use electricity or batteries to operate. 

This might mean that you have to maintain these systems while others, like solar-powered variations, are known for being self-sustaining.

6. Durability

When you are choosing a product, you might want something that is made to solve an annual problem or an everyday problem. Durability is an important consideration when it comes to bird repellents because not all products are made with completely durable materials. 

Some might be prone to breakage in certain weather or might be less effective in certain elements. Consider the needs of your area and your amount of use so that you can choose a product that serves you well.

What Essential Oils Do Birds Hate the Smell of?

When it comes to deterring birds, some people prefer to use an eco-friendly approach that offers a green solution to pest control. With the use of essential oils, you can effectively deter many different kinds of birds from visiting your property.

 Different oils are known to affect some birds more than others, but they are generally composed of smells that birds find too sharp for their preference.

Popular Oils Are:

Peppermint Oil—Peppermint Oil is a popular deterrent for birds and animals of all kinds. It has a sharp and potent smell that most of us find pleasant, but birds find to be way too harsh. Fortunately, it allows you to make your space smell nice and deters pests at the same time.

Garlic Oil—Garlic acts as an organic deterrent for many different kinds of animals, and birds are on the list. Using garlic oil, you can discourage birds from gathering in large amounts or nesting in an area.

Cayenne Pepper—Though you might love some spicy food, birds don’t feel the same way. The average bird wants nothing to do with peppers and will actively avoid the smell at all costs. Spice up your space and say goodbye to the local birds!

Check out our video on what smells repel birds!

What Frequency Do Birds Hate?

The majority of birds are known to comfortably hear between 1 and 5 kHz, but many can hear up to 20 kHz. Though many people believe that the frequency is what drives birds away, this isn’t always the case. 

Depending on what kind of sound is playing, a lower frequency can be incredibly effective at driving out bird activity. At the end of the day, it is about finding a combination of sound and frequency to create an environment that birds won’t want to spend time in.

For predator and bird noises, you can easily deter birds using a lower frequency. This is because the sound will be in the hearing range of most birds and will give the feeling that the area is already inhabited and should be avoided. 

On the other hand, many products offer an ultrasonic sound that can’t be heard by humans but can be heard by birds. These often run at 20,000 kHz or more and are said to deter many animals.

Do Birds Hate A Particular Color?

Though you might assume that birds don’t care too much for decor, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that certain colors attract birds and certain colors repel them, just like us. Using the right colors, you can limit bird activity in your area. You might have noticed that certain bird repellents come in a few specific colors, so we wanted to decode the mystery and help you to understand bird logic.

Colors Birds Dislike:

White—In nature, white is often taken as an indication of danger. Many birds will avoid white and off-white because of it, which can be nice for keeping an area clean.

Red—Birds tend to dislike harsh colors and smells, and a bright red is an effective way to deter birds from dropping by. This occurs because red is often considered a warning in nature.
Silver—It might be its reflective nature, but silver has been known to discourage many birds.

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