What does it mean to see a Hummingbird?

what does it mean to see a hummingbird?

The hummingbird is easily one of the most celebrated birds in any area. Be it their small size, adorable build, or the hard work that they put into flying, we all love hummingbirds. These cute little birds come in all kinds of beautiful colors and are probably more than used to being cheered for any time that they are seen by humans. 


There is a commonly shared notion that if you see a hummingbird, you simply must say: “Look! A hummingbird!” Though most of us feel fairly blessed if we are lucky enough to see one of these beautiful creatures, some people believe that there is more to simply witnessing them.



Hummingbirds are an absolute delight to watch, but have you ever wondered if there might be more to it? Sure, you might just think that they are a cute little bird, but what does seeing a hummingbird really mean? All around the world, different groups have different beliefs about what seeing a hummingbird actually means. 


It might be a great photo opportunity, but it might be something much bigger than that. In this article, we will talk about the global symbolic representation of the hummingbird and what it might mean for you.

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What does it mean when you see a Hummingbird?

Though symbolic interpretations of hummingbirds do vary depending on where you are, not every interpretation comes from stories or local lore. There are many general traits that the hummingbird is known for and associated with. People often use it as a symbol for a wide range of different meanings, making it easy to interpret the hummingbird symbol many different ways depending on the context.


A hummingbird, known for its constant need to flap its wings so hard that you can barely see them as they fly around, is generally used as a symbol for being present and in the moment in some circles. 


This basic symbolic use of the hummingbird is founded in the nature of the bird itself, but does make it quite the powerful symbol for things like mindfulness practices. It is a fair reminder that we can all benefit from being in the moment rather than letting our minds wander to the past or future.


The hummingbird is known for its remarkably playful nature, which is depicted in movies like Pocahantas. Since hummingbirds are often seen zipping around and flying at high speeds, they are often thought to be playing and having a grand old time. However, this playful nature is often believed to be somewhat mischievous, making it all too possible for them to cause a little trouble.


Hummingbirds are not only fun and playful, but they also play a vital role in an ecosystem. The hummingbird, while spending its time feasting on delicious nectar from flowers, is also known to pollinate flowers and other plants. These helpful little birds play a vital role in helping new plants to grow.

What does it mean when you see a Hummingbird in your dream?

In dream interpretations, hummingbirds are known for being a well-favored symbol. The role of the hummingbird as a presence in dreams is generally a good omen of sorts, and sometimes even serves as a reminder to be more in touch with yourself. Depending on what is going on in your life, as well as the context that the hummingbird is presented in, you might find that the interpretation of these birds varies widely.

The Hummingbird As A Symbol For Vitality

More often than not, hummingbirds are depicted flying around at fast speeds, darting through the air like tiny performers. The hummingbird is a vibrant and beautiful creature that spends its time staying in the moment and enjoying every second of it. For this reason, in dreams, hummingbirds are often seen as a symbol of vitality.


As far as the interpretation for this goes, it is all too easy to take it in one direction or the complete opposite depending on where you are at. If you see a hummingbird in your dream during a period of time when you are out living your best life, your dream might be alerting you to the fact that you are really living how you should. It can be a good symbol to show that you are well and truly alive.


On the other hand, if you are seeing a hummingbird during a period of time where you are just kind of going through the motions, you might just find that your dream is calling out to you. In this context, a hummingbird might be your mind’s way of reminding you to make more time for fun and take a break. It is easy to get swept up in the same old routine, but if you see a hummingbird, you might just want to shake things up.

The Hummingbird As A Symbol for Freedom

In the same way that the hummingbird symbolizes life and energy, it is also known for its connotation with freedom in the dream space. The hummingbird knows no law and is free to roam and play wherever it sees fit. Over time, it inevitably finds itself exploring the world in a way that few things can. As a symbol for freedom, it can generally either mean that you are embracing your freedom or feeling trapped.


In the event that you see a hummingbird in your dream that is freely flying around, it might mean that you are actually living freely and feeling good about it. Something like feeling good about the direction of your life or a change in the environment could be characterized in this way. Depending on how you feel, you might be longing for freedom or already embracing it.


A hummingbird that appears to be stuck in an area can have a different meaning entirely. If you see a hummingbird that appears to be trapped or caged in any way, it generally means that you yourself are feeling trapped. It might be an indication that you aren’t taking enough time away from work, or that you have too much on your plate. Such an interpretation might be appropriate for you when you’re spending too much time on everyone else and not enough time on yourself.

The Hummingbird and Commitment

Hummingbirds are known for their fleeting nature, which only seems to add to their charm. It is lucky enough to see one, but quite rare to see one for a long duration of time. These birds are known for darting away quickly, which some people believe might be a reference to your sense of commitment or that of a partner’s. If you are chasing a hummingbird, it might mean that you are looking for someone to settle down with, or that you are insecure in a relationship. Simply seeing one might imply that it is you who would rather spend time being free rather than being tied down.

The Hummingbird As A Symbol For Happiness

When a hummingbird spends its time darting around under the watchful gaze of the sun and seeking out fun, it does so in a pleasant and happy manner. A happy hummingbird darting around the world in your dreams might simply mean that you are incredibly happy and feeling good about the life that you are living. It might be your mind’s way of adding one more element of beauty to the wonderful life that you are living.

The Hummingbird and the Power of Thoughts

A commonly shared dream interpretation of the hummingbird is that it symbolizes the power of our thoughts. The hummingbird is often considered to be a reminder that there is power, even in small packages. 


It is generally used as a metaphor to show that the hummingbird carries great strength just like our thoughts do. Even the smallest thought can grow over time and have a significant impact. This is true for both positive and negative thoughts, and the interpretation for you might change depending on where your mind is at. 


If you are having many negative thoughts, this might be a warning to work on creating more positive thoughts. If you have been toying with an idea that you weren’t sure that you could follow through on, your dreams might be telling you that it is time to grow the idea and see what happens.

What did the Hummingbird mean to the Native Americans?

Though the modern face of Native American culture is different in many ways, older generations put a distinct emphasis on animals within the culture. Animals were commonly used as symbols and exciting characters in local legends.


Starting back many generations ago, the entire culture began by placing animal characters in much of their cultural elements including sculpture, art, and storytelling. Much of this has been carried to later generations and is still commonly shared. 


Native Americans have long since used the hummingbird as one of the prominent animals within the culture. Depending on the region and group of people, the hummingbird has many different prominent meanings.

The Hummingbird As A Connection Between Earth and Divinity

In some Native American circles, the hummingbird was known for its close relation to divinity. In some stories, the hummingbird was considered to be a sort of bridge between the Earth and a divine realm beyond. These birds would fly back and forth between the worlds, acting as a balance and connection point.


In other variations of the lore raised by different regions, hummingbirds are also thought to ferry souls into the divine world. Instead of merely being able to cross, some stories depict them as holy messengers sent to carry away souls to a greater place. These helpful birds kindly guide us to a new stage when we pass away. It is a traveling companion and support system for us in a time of change.


Though you might think that the hummingbird is rather small to be much help in a bad situation, that might not be the case. In some ancient lord, hummingbirds are said to have looked after the humans in the face of the divine realm, often sway divine intentions to help benefit the humans. It might be a little funny to imagine a hummingbird bartering on our behalf, but the stories claim that hummingbirds helped out in times of drought and famine.

The Hummingbird As A Symbol For Birth and Continuity

The hummingbird plays an essential role in helping to propagate plant life in an area. For this, it is often recognized as a symbol of the natural cycle of life. Hummingbirds spread pollen while they enjoy a good meal of nectar, and this magical touch makes it possible for an area to flourish. This is why they are often depicted as a messenger that spreads life.

The Hummingbird As A Symbol Of A Warrior Spirit

Certain ancient groups of people thought so highly of the hummingbird that they actually considered it to be more than a symbol for fun or life. In fact, the hummingbird is often depicted as the spirit of a warrior, particularly one that has bravely fallen in battle. The thought behind this is actually the idea that warriors are known for their bravery and hard work, which makes them worthy of a return. When a warrior dies, their spirit is returned as a hummingbird. Some groups merely used it as a symbol while others told stories of reincarnation.

The Hummingbird As A Symbol of Love and Devotion

As a symbol often depicted in art, hummingbirds are sometimes drawn in pairs. The belief is that there is a connection between the two hummingbirds, a shared bond. For this reason, the hummingbird is often considered to be a great way to represent devotion and other similar romantic notions. The two hummingbirds are often drawn to symbolize the kind of connection that cannot be broken by time or space.

The Hummingbird As A Good Luck Charm

In many cultures, it is considered lucky to see a hummingbird. Whether it is simply because it is a rare or beautiful site, or if it is the fact that there is actually some benefit of having seen one, most people enjoy the experience. In some Native American cultures, it is believed that seeing a hummingbird is actually a good omen, particularly if something big is coming up like a performance or the birth of a child.

The Hummingbird As A Power Animal

Power animals are interpreted in many different ways depending on time and region, but they are generally believed to convey certain human characteristics, imprint their spirits upon a human, or even just symbolize something within. They are said to possess the spirit of the world. 


The hummingbird is a commonly used power animal and it is known for its symbolic possession of beauty, wit, and passion. These vivacious little birds are known for their ability to breathe spirit into an area, or even a nearby person. It is generally considered a good thing to be affiliated with the hummingbird in this way.


The hummingbird is a beautiful creature that is beloved by cultures from all over. These adorable birds are always a wonderful sight to behold and can work wonders when it comes to lifting spirits. Whether you are using them symbolically in a novel, depicting their playful nature in a movie, or simply trying to figure out what the hummingbird that you keep seeing in your dreams means, there are a lot of different ways to view the hummingbird and its presence. Though the hummingbird might be a bit flighty, the fact remains that it has inspired the hearts and minds of many over the years and will likely continue to do so.


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