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best meal worm feeder

Though some birds are partial to seed and other popular forms of bird feed, some birds are a little more particular when it comes to their preferred meals. Many birds enjoy something that is a little more alive, which is why mealworm is such a popular feeding option for those who are looking to attract more birds to their yard. Mealworms provide a wonderful source of nutrition for many kinds of birds, and it is a great way to draw a little more attention to your home. However, in order to easily present mealworms to the local bird population, it is important to find effective ways to offer them. Fortunately, there are bird feeders designed specifically for mealworms.


Mealworms come in two primary forms, dried and live. Live mealworms are a great way to attract a lot of attention, but dried mealworms work just the same. Depending on what kind of mealworms you use, you might have a need for different kinds of mealworm birdfeeders. In general, you want an easily accessible container or tray that allows the birds easy access to their feast. Unlike traditional feeders, these ones tend to focus more on presenting the food in an open way. However, many people like to look for certain enhancements including technology designed to keep squirrels and other animals out of the mealworm bird feeders. Thankfully, there are plenty of great products on the market, so it is easy to choose one that suits your needs.

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What is the best meal worm feeder?

This Amazon’s Choice product is an excellent mealworm bird feeder for beginners. It has a completely simple design that is unassuming and will fit in with any yard. Even better, it provides you with a simple setup that makes it easy to use. You can get this product set up in your yard in a mere matter of minutes. This mealworm feeder provides a neutral appearance and hangs easily in a tree. 


The open tray setup makes it ideal for both live and dried mealworms, and it even makes it possible for you to empty out the old bird feed, clean the feeder, and replace it with fresh food in no time. Since there are no difficult parts, washing this product out is a breeze.

The real perks of this product are the price and the dome on top. Though you might think that the dome was added as a design item, the reality is that this is made to block out squirrels and larger birds to provide a more pleasant experience for other local birds. Squirrels have been known to snatch up mealworms from open feeders, but with this dome design, they won’t be able to get their paws on the merchandise. Larger birds can frighten smaller birds away and eat the food up very quickly. The dome makes it more difficult for them to perch, making it ideal for a variety of other birds to visit. When you factor in the incredibly low price tag for all of these great features, it is easy to see why this is such a popular Amazon’s Choice product.

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When you first see this adorable bird feeder, it is almost impossible not to fall in love. It has a beautiful deep blue design that makes it absolutely stunning to look at, and it is cradled with a well-designed and artistic curved hook that just makes it the perfect asset for any yard. You will love filling your trees with these adorable feeders, and they add a fun pop of color to any area, making them the perfect choice, particularly during warmer seasons when you will be holding festivities outside. 


With this adorable feeder, you can offer local birds in your area a ton of different kinds of food. It is able to support dry and live mealworms, as well as suet, seed, and much more. Its small design makes it ideal for smaller birds in your area, which will make the food last longer.

One area where this mealworm bird feeder really excels is the fact that it is unbelievably easy to fill, use, and setup. The open design makes adding new food for your feathered friends all too easy, and setup includes simply hanging the feeder in the desired area. Though some feeders come with several complex parts and are known for being difficult to clean, this bird feeder makes cleaning a breeze. Any part of the feeder can be easily rinsed off, and for added convenience, the actual food cup is able to be easily removed and is even dishwasher safe, making it a great choice. The design is small enough to place anywhere and is a great first step when it comes to feeding birds in your area. Since it supports all kinds of bird feed, you can enjoy experimenting and see what works best for you.

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If you are looking for a cute bird feeder that makes feeding small birds in the local area a breeze, this mealworm feeder is perfect for you. With this option, you get an adorable natural house design that looks great hanging in your yard or on your balcony, and you also get a great way to offer up live or dried mealworms to your friendly neighborhood birds. 


This design offers easy perches and small holes designed specifically for smaller birds to enter the house. Birds can crawl through the holes and stand in the feeder to enjoy a delicious feast of mealworms. Since it is completely closed off, the smaller birds and the mealworms are protected against other predators like larger birds or squirrels. This makes it ideal for protecting your local birds, and since the design has clear walls, it is easy to enjoy a good birdwatching experience while the birds chow down.

With this beautiful mealworm bird feeder, you can count on receiving a wide range of bird visitors, but it seems that bluebirds are most partial to it. This is because of the design and because they are huge fans of mealworms. You will love the way that this bird feeder makes attracting them to your yard a breeze, and you can easily enjoy setting it up by simply hanging it with the easy to use hook. However, since this bird feeder is closed off inside, it can be difficult to clean compared to other popular feeders on the market. Make sure that you have a plan for getting inside to clean up, particularly since the birds will physically enter the build. Fortunately, it is a great design overall with many benefits that make it worth the extra effort.

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Mesh feeders are a fun and effective bird feeder design that many birds are partial to. With this simple design, birds can drop by, perch, and easily pull food from the mesh feeder. It is able to support many kinds of different feed options, but this is mostly intended as a feeder for dried mealworms. The holes in the mesh are made perfectly for birds to pull mealworms through. 


It is a lot of fun to watch birds perch and use these kinds of feeders, specifically because it is exciting to see how smart birds are when it comes to pulling the food out so that they can enjoy a nice meal. With this easy design, you can wash and refill the product in no time at all.

When you purchase this mealworm feeder, it is important to consider what you want to use for feed. Though it can technically hold live mealworms, the size of the holes could make it possible for the mealworms to escape. However, dried mealworms fit well in this, and can provide a fun challenge for local birds as they stop by for some grub. This feeder has a nice topper that can help to deter some other interested animals, and it also has minimal perch space, making it great for smaller birds while also keeping out the larger birds that might otherwise gobble up all of the food. Fortunately, the sturdy design makes it all too easy for the birds that you want to visit to drop by and enjoy a good meal.

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The Wildlife Sciences Mealworm Feeder offers an endearing design that has a classy top and easy to fill structure. You will love the way that this brings an immediate touch of design to your yard, all while offering the perfect design to feed birds. With its simple black basket and the classy silver topper, it is impossible not to enjoy the way that this bird feeder looks in your yard. 


The smooth and endearing rooftop makes it perfect for warding off squirrels and larger birds that might have an interest in your mealworms. The small basket makes it all too easy for smaller birds to perch while they drop by for a snack. In fact, this product comes with an adjustable roof. This adjustable roof is great for deciding who can access the feeder.

When it comes to feeding smaller birds like bluebirds, you will find that this mealworm bird feeder does an excellent job. Since it has a basket with smaller holes, you can trust that live mealworms and dry mealworms will fit well inside without falling through. Even better, since the basket is open, you don’t have to worry about mold or bacterial buildup after rain. The feed can easily be dumped out and replaced. To clean this product, you simply empty it and rinse it out, then fill it back up. Fortunately, it is made of sturdy materials that make cleaning it simple and effective. You can count on this bird feeder to stay resistant to weather, all while adding a chic design element to your yard. Wildlife Sciences is known for their work in the bird feeder industry, and they have a long list of products and feeders designed to suit different needs making it easy to trust in their products. This versatile feeder, which is able to hold different kinds of feed, is the perfect addition to your yard.

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Looking at this adorable and simple bird feeder, it is all too easy to imagine it fitting into your yard. The simple domed design makes it easy to place, and thanks to the clear components, you can easily enjoy time spent bird watching while you take the time to view them as they enjoy a snack. This bird feeder is great for providing you with an easy to enjoy feeding opportunity. It is perfect for smaller birds, and holds a good amount of mealworms. Even better, its completely open design makes it simple for you to regularly refill it so that the local birds can always count on your yard to have fresh and delicious food to eat. Pulling it apart and washing it is also an easy process, and since the feeder is made from easily cleaned materials, you can make sure that your local birds come down to a five-star restaurant every time.

The pleasantly open design also offers an adjustable rooftop, making it simple for you to decide who gets to enjoy the food that you leave out. The overhead dome will stop squirrels from getting to the food, and the adjustable element makes it possible for you to make it so only smaller birds can access the delicious food. The tray itself is well designed and able to support several birds at once, so you can always count on a variety of birds dropping by for a quick visit. The tray can hold a good quantity of food, and can also hold other popular feed types, including fresh fruit and more. Since it is easy to wash, you can try different treats for the local birds to see what they like the most.

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A quick glance at this mealworm bird feeder will have you ready to purchase them for everyone that you know. These bird feeders might be small, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are perfect for yards of all kinds. Their small and beautiful design makes them look great in every single yard, no matter what your design style is. They are simple enough to fit anywhere but also nice enough to be a great addition to your outdoor decor. Recognizing that their product can fit in many yards, this company even went so far as to offer a wide range of color options for the food tray. You can find the right match for your yard in no time, and they look even better when spread out across trees. For added fun, these different elements can be stacked together to create dangling bird feeders to support more birds when they visit. The beautiful mosaic design makes this a great way to dress any area up.

With this small bird feeder, you can easily put fresh or dried mealworms as well as a wide variety of other bird feeder options. In fact, the feeder also has drains in the bottom, which means that your feed will dry out quickly and stay fresh for the long term. This is important in rainy areas, as some feed will begin to grow bacteria when it is wet for too long. In addition to this, its design, which is composed of bars that are easy to perch on, make it a great place for a bird or two to hang out for a quick rest and some grub together. As an added bonus, you can even feel good about the way that this bird feeder is designed because of its eco-friendly plastic and chemical-free design.

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Sometimes you want a great hangout zone for the local bird population and this is a great way to get exactly that. This mealworm feeder design is unlike any other, offering a completely caged off space for small birds to gather while enjoying some delicious snacks. The cage feature has holes that are well-sized for small birds to climb through, but will keep out other unwanted pests. This product was made with the intent of keeping squirrels out of the feeder, but it also keeps the mealworms out of the reach of larger birds that would happily eat the entire bowl themselves.

With its covered design, birds can even take refuge in the feeder, keeping them safe while they wait out a rainstorm or other unpleasant weather while enjoying a snack. In fact, this is an excellent design for rainy areas because the subtle slope of the roof keep birds and their food safe even when it is pouring out. This is a great way to protect your investment and better serve your local bird community.


The design itself is a nice and subtle blue design that adds a pop of color without going too far, making it perfect for hanging in the trees of your yard anywhere. Since the design itself is an open cage, you can easily enjoy watching the local birds as they settle in for some food at your home. Its capacity to hold so many birds is ideal for those who enjoy bird watching, as it brings an opportunity for many different birds to gather in a relaxed space. The container is able to hold a good amount of mealworms, and it is also easy to remove as well as completely dishwasher safe. With this simple design, cleanup is a breeze.

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For those who want an eco-friendly option that will make you feel good about your purchase, Woodlink’s mealworm bird feeding platform is a great product. This is one completely simple design, offering only a deep floating platform that is perfect for allowing birds of all kinds to drop by for a visit. You can easily count on this open design to immediately attract birds from all around, and it is large enough to support a lot of birds and bird feed. In fact, with this design, you can easily use multiple kinds of bird feed to catch the eye of all kinds of different birds in the area. With its simple design and well-designed drain system, you can keep fresh bird feed in this tray with absolute ease. With the open top, simply pour in more feeder and watch as birds fly in from all around.

A huge benefit of this platform feeder is the fact that it is open to birds of all kinds. While many options that offer mealworms often focus on small birds, this bird feeder is friendly for wild birds of all kinds and it is a great way to show off the birds so that you can enjoy a solid bird-watching experience. This product is made from 90% post-consumer recycled plastic making it an effective eco-friendly design choice that you can feel good about. Pair this with its cheap price and you can see how great of a choice this product really is.

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Orioles and many other birds love a delicious snack, and this amazing bird feeder is equipped to hold multiple different kinds. Easily attach an orange and provide mealworms or jelly in the available tray to attract the attention of birds in your area. With this collection of tasty treats, they won’t be able to pass up the opportunity to drop by for something really special. This feeder was designed to easily hold and present oranges, and also does a great job of holding a good portion of mealworms or jelly for any interested birds that might be around. It is completely easy to use and also easy to clean. The simple design makes it easy to pull it apart and quickly wash it by hand in no time at all.

The biggest and most obvious selling point of this product is the design. With this fun and vibrant design, you will love hanging it up in your yard for a modern pop of color that also serves nature. It is shaped like an adorable orange and even provides a bright and beautiful color that will liven up any area. When you hang it in your yard, it will stand out and make sure that everyone knows just how bird-friendly your yard is. It is a particularly effective feeder in Spring and Summer when the plants begin to bloom and the world begins to glow. This is also better in warmer seasons because it makes it easier for the orange to stay delicious for nearby birds. When you are looking for a fun seasonal feeder to brighten up your yard, look no further.

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What birds do meal worm feeders attract?

Mealworms are a great feed option for the wild birds in your area, but some birds are a little more interested in them than others. Many birds prefer to eat living food, which can make them turn away from traditional bird feeders. However, mealworms tend to attract all kinds of birds, even the ones who generally prefer hunting.


Common fans of mealworms include bluebirds, robins, orioles, chickadees, and cardinals. If you want to attract these birds, they are the most interested in this kind of feed, but mealworms tend to be an equalizer in the bird community. For many, it is an excellent way to attract birds of all kinds, particularly in winter.


oriole feeder


chickadee feeder


red cardinal


What mealworms should you buy for your feeder?

In the land of mealworms, there are a couple of different things to look out for. Some people enjoy using live mealworms, which are active live larvae that you will have to maintain and manage when placing in the bird feeder.


Fresh mealworms are an excellent way to draw a lot of attention to your yard because few birds can resist a wriggling bowl of delicious food, but not everyone is a fan of them. For many, the idea of keeping the live insects can feel like a bit too much, but don’t worry. There is an alternate option.


Many bird watchers prefer to use dried mealworms. This makes it easy for you to serve up a nice and all-natural snack, but it doesn’t involve actively keeping live insects or having to worry about them. Since mealworms are actually beetle larvae and not worms, many people don’t want them being kept near the home. Fortunately, with this easy alternative, you can feed the local birds without handling anything too gross. Plenty of birds love dried mealworms just like live ones, though live ones are better for attracting the attention of curious wild hunters.

What different types of meal worm feeders are there?

Mealworm feeders come in a wide variety of different designs, but the biggest difference is often between mealworm feeders designed to hold dry mealworms instead of live mealworms. Though many products can hold both, some mealworm feeders are really not made to support live mealworms because of the way that they move.


Dry mealworm-only feeders generally have larger holes for birds to feed through, particularly if there is any kind of mesh involved. This is helpful for the birds because they can eat more easily, and since the mealworms are not alive, there is no concern that they might escape.


Mealworm feeders that have been designed to hold live mealworms often leave little room for any potential escape attempts. A lot of them come with a cup-like design that keeps all of the mealworms held up where they should be, but some companies opt for specific kind of mesh or basket that has been made with small holes that would make it impossible for the mealworms to escape from. With this, you don’t have to worry about losing mealworms or accidentally feeding other animals that you were not planning on feeding.

What should you look out for in a mealworm feeder?

Buying a mealworm feeder is a practice that requires a few different considerations if you want to find a good match. These feeders come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but there are a few things to consider when you make your purchase that could influence your experience. The first consideration is the general design and size. 


When you pick a bird feeder, you want to choose a product that looks like it fits well in your yard. Think about color, sizing, and patterns to determine if it will be a good match for your design choices. It is also important to find a design that is built for the weather in your area. Some feeders are only meant for seasonal use, which can cause problems for the longevity of the product.


The next biggest consideration for your mealworm feeder is to decide what kind of books that you want to attract. Many people opt for covered mealworm feeders to keep out larger birds and squirrels. A simple roof can keep out interest squirrels, but many available feeders are adjustable so you can determine whether or not larger birds can visit your feeder. Larger birds can eat more and scare off other birds. However, as long as you want to attract all kinds of birds, you can focus more on a larger build.


In addition to sizing, you will want to consider what kind of mealworm you intend to use and whether or not you plan on using other kinds of feed. Some feeders are great for holding a wide range of different kinds of feed, including dry and living mealworms. If you plan on using live mealworms, it is even more important to use certain safeguards and to make sure that the mealworms can’t escape. Since live mealworms are known to wriggle through small holes, make sure that you choose a feeder that supports your style.

Where should you hang a meal worm feeder?

Choosing where to hang a bird feeder is a three-part problem. 


First, you must consider the design of your yard. Some people choose to place mealworm feeders on the trees in their yards. Others opt to use bird feeder poles instead, hoping to deter some interested tree animals or wanting to see it closer to the home for easier birdwatching. Either way, the majority of mealworm feeders are designed to hang, making them in need of a nice high surface. Whether you use a pole, a tree, or even the roof of your home, choose a look that is right for you.


In addition to what hanging element you use, you will want to consider how committed the local animals are and adjust course to deter them from visiting your feeder. If you know that you have a lot of squirrels, you might not want to hang it in a tree, but if you have a very dedicated raccoon, you might want to hang it on a special pole. Either way, you want to choose a location for your bird feeder that is safe from natural threats. Birds will not want to grapple with other animals for their food and you probably don’t want to be feeding the whole nearby animal community.


The final consideration to make is the actual height. In general, you want to put the feeder fairly high so more birds will see it and less ground-based animals will. Many people opt to place theirs between seven and nine feet in the air if possible. However, some people prefer to put it as high as they can comfortably reach to make cleaning and refilling it an easier process. The only goal is to get that beautiful feeder up in the air!

How to clean a meal worm feeder?

Depending on what kind of mealworm feeder you are using, you might have a different approach to take. Some feeders must be cleaned by hand, in which case you will want to take apart the feeder, clean the individual parts or rinse them off, and then let it dry out before adding new food. However, modern mealworm feeders are slowly trending toward dishwasher safe parts that make it easy for you to simply pull out a dish and throw it in the dishwasher as a simple cleaning process. Always avoid using harsh chemicals and do what you can to focus on mild soap and water for your cleaning process. It is also very important to rinse everything thoroughly.

Can you keep mealworms out in the winter?

Considering the fact that mealworms are living in many cases, a lot of birdwatchers find themselves wondering what will happen if they put mealworms out in the winter. Though it is easy to understand the concern, the fact is that a bowl of delicious and warm mealworms is a perfect snack for birds in winter. If you want to catch the interest of hunter birds, offering them a living meal in winter is a great way to do it because the local bug population will be so scarce. You might just find that putting out mealworms in winter makes you the most popular house on the block!


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