How to keep seagulls away?


You can keep seagulls away from your home / yard / garden with the aid of shiny objects, decoys, sound emitters, different smells and some carefully placed spikes.

Seagulls can be extremely persistent and destructive around your yard however they can easily been scared away with some cute techniques.

Seagulls are deceptively clever and will  not return to a place of danger.

1. Bird Gel

An interesting and new product is the bird repellent gel. This gel is subtle and can be applied to any surface

It plays with senses of the birds – smell, sight and touch. The gel emits ultraviolet light that is invisible to humans but create the sensation of fire to birds. 

In combination with this, the gel smells of peppermint oil which is offensive to birds but often quite pleasant to humans!

This product is a discrete alternative to conventional spikes/nets but does come at a bit of a cost. 

They do last between 2-4 years and are a great solution to any seagull problems!

2. Decoys

As hog-wild as seagulls often appear to be, they are quite easy to scare off. Just like most other birds, seagulls are afraid of their natural predators’ faces.

Seagulls natural predators are mostly birds of prey such as owls and eagles. They are also afraid of foxes and coyotes too. 

This Owl Decoy has worked for many of my friends who have had trouble with seagulls. The head even turns! This owl decoy be worth a go before using spikes or nets around your home!

3. Spinning Wheels

Items that bounce and spin in the wind are an effective bird deterrent system. 

Ones that are shiny are even more effective.

An effective option is to buy spinning wheels that move in the wind or with by harnessing the power of the sun
This durable solar powered ornament is a great option for something more permanent
But if you’re looking for a simpler option, you can’t go wrong with the cheaper plastic wheels.  

If you are a handy person, perhaps you can make the spinning wheel yourself. 

4. Nets / Spikes

Although spikes and nets cannot prevent seagulls from flying above your house, the birds are prevented from perching on your roof or chimney.

Spikes are easier to install because they usually come pre-assembled in multiple sections. These stainless steel spikes come in a pack of 10 units  that are individually 1foot in length. 

Using wires can be an alternative but please be careful when working with them as they are extremely sharp and easy to catch yourself on. Please ensure that whoever is installing the wires is experienced

Another option is a polyurethane net. These nets come in a variety of sizes and are very effective and easy to install. If you decide to go with this bird deterrent system please make sure you are working safely.

5. Shiny Tape

 In case nobody told you yet, birds tend to stay away from reflective materials.
This is not to say that birds do not like to see themselves in the mirror; it is just that the lights reflected by such materials are as blinding to seagulls as they are to us.

A great way of integrating some shiny items is by the use of tape. Glue some shiny tape to the roof lines or garden fence. Confetti could work too!

6. Sound Emitters

Audio devices that plays the sounds of predatory birds or seagulls distress call are also very effective too.

Sound emitters may also just use a high frequency sound that only animals can hear to scare them away.

These gadgets can be relatively expensive compared to other methods, but they are practical and easy to install. 

7. Water Guns

A motion-activated squirt gun is a fun way to keep seagulls away. Most devices of this kind use infrared beam between the sender and receiver. 

When the infrared is obstructed, the receiver – which also acts as the blaster – shoots a small amount of water to hit a perching bird. 

However, the system only works when the infrared is aligned, so you need to mount both the receiver and sender carefully.

 The keyword here is “fun” as it covers only a straight line in a short distance.

We do not promise 100% success rate with this one however it can be an incredibly fun activity to install with children and witness the birds get a surprise!

8. The color Red

If you have spent a good amount of time fending off seagulls, you should notice that the birds have a red spot on the underside of the beaks. 

That being said, the Guardian reported that a man successfully prevented seagulls and crows from coming anywhere near his house thanks to a bright red panel. 

It is still quite unclear how seagulls respond to the color red, so you may want to try this method only when your fences do in fact need some repainting.


The market is filled with a generous variety of bird deterrent systems, which should work well for seagulls.

Bear in mind that while seagulls can be a persistent nuisance, you should stay away from any device that can actually put the bird to risks of entrapment, injuries, or death. 

These migratory birds are protected by federal and state laws. There are safe effective seagull deterrent systems available.


What smells can scare seagulls away?

There are many smells that can repel seagulls away. Garlic, Cayenne Pepper and Peppermint Oil are all known to be offensive to birds and all happen to be organic products. 

Follow this article to learn more about what smells keep birds away.

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