How To Get Birds Out Of A Chimney?


If birds have already nested in your chimney then you need to clear the nest with a chimney sweep. Loud noises will also scare the birds away. If you’re looking to prevent birds from nesting in the first place then you need to buys chimney caps or spikes to deter the birds away.


Birds are opportunistic creatures that tend to find ways that get themselves into conflict with people and the many things that we own. One of the biggest issues is when birds decide that your chimney is the perfect place to nest. While a nest on top of the chimney may seem picturesque, it does present a danger to the birds and your home.

Bird droppings combined with the debris from the nest can fall into your chimney, lining the walls with flammable material. When allowed to build up over time, you will have a fire hazard in your chimney that may put your home in danger. However, there are some simple methods you can use which tell you how to keep birds away from the chimney.

Why are there birds in my chimney? 

Unfortunately, chimneys create a perfect nesting spot for many birds. They offer a great vantage point and protection from all weathers. In addition, no predators can threaten them and their offspring high above the homes. The main reason why birds nest in your chimney, however, is due to the heat that seeps out of your home. Particularly in the winter months, the additional heat can make the difference between life and death for the bids.

Are birds in my chimney an issue? 

The simple answer is, yes. If birds nest in your chimney you must clean it out before lighting a fire. This may seem obvious but it can create a great danger to both you and the birds. Initially, the smoke will threaten the birds and their offspring however there is a significant danger for yourself. Birds nests are dense and do not allow much air through. Smoke will build up in your chimney and fill your house.

Birds also carry diseases. One of the most common diseases that can be caught form birds is Histoplasmosis. Often spread through bird feces this disease can lead to blindness if left untreated.

 How to stop birds nesting in your chimney?

1. Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are popular items because they help keep the rain from pouring into your chimney. They also can help keep the birds from nesting on your chimney as well depending on how they are made. You’ll want a chimney cap that has plenty of airflow  but also covers the opening while not allowing a level place for the birds to land.


Chimney caps such as this galvanised steel chimney cap come in a range of sizes and materials. You can also adjust the mesh size to your desired size. Be wary however that chimney caps come in a variety of types, ensure you know beforehand which one will fit your chimney.

2. Spikes

A series of spikes or nails that line the top of the chimney and do not give the birds a comfortable place to land. You can even make them yourself using boards and nails if you want. The spikes are simple, permanent, and will keep birds from landing on your chimney.


These stainless steel spikes come in a variety of sizes and should fit well around the perimeter of your chimney. 

How to get rid of birds that have nested in your chimney?

Please ensure that any nest you remove, regardless of its location is empty and abandoned before you remove it. Please follow this article on how to safely remove a nest. Be wary, the removal of active nests is illegal and you could end up with fines and other penalties. 

1. Noise 

You can use an outdoor sound emitter or bang together some pots and pans to make some noise. Enough noise during the day will scare the birds away. The outdoor sound emitter will work just as well indoors and will be less offensive to humans. They send out a frequency that is designed to scare birds, among other animals, away.  


Birds that have nested in your chimney will be looking to raise their young there, try and use these tips early to avoid having an active nest in your chimney which can be problematic. 

2. Chimney Sweep 

When the birds have left the nest, use a chimney sweep to remove all the debris. Plus, if they can remove any buildup of soot or debris that gives the birds a place to land inside the chimney, that will help in keeping the birds from coming back.

I must reiterate, ensure that the nest is inactive and that the birds have left the nest for a considerable amount of time before removing any debris. 

3.Rehabilitation Center 

This is a call of last resort, but if you have tried other methods and they have not worked then this may be your only choice. A bird rehabilitation center specializes in removing birds from unwanted locations and finding them a new home. The services are usually free, although some may charge a fee or ask for a donation. Once the bird and the nest are removed, you’ll want to employ other methods to ensure that new birds do not find a way back into your chimney.

Understanding how to keep birds away from the chimney will help save you a considerable amount of money on cleaning and maintenance. By removing the presence of birds, you also remove one of the biggest issues associated with keeping a chimney clean. Plus, you help protect our feathered friends while lowering the risk of fire in your home.

What smells can keep birds away from your chimney?

There are many smells that can repel birds away from your chimney. Garlic, Cayenne Pepper and Peppermint Oil are all known to be offensive to birds and all happen to be organic products. Follow this article to learn more about what smells keep birds away.

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