What Does It Mean To See An Owl During the Day?

northern saw whet owl

Many believe that seeing an owl during the day can have fairly large implications and may even be a symbolic sign from the universe.

Owls are wonderful and elusive predators that are known for their incredible beauty as well as their fierce power.

Depending on how you evaluate the owl, they can be anything ranging from intimidating to wise to curious.

Throughout the history of mankind, the owl has held a role of significance. Often times, we look to the owl in a way that suggests that there is more to them.

It might be their nighttime habits, or simply the way that they seem to see all from the shadows, but there is simply no denying that the owl has a wider influence than most other animals.

In most instances, you are in luck if you are able to glimpse a sight of one of these curious beasts at night while they hunt, but what about seeing an owl during the day?

In this article, we will discuss what you might be able to learn from a daytime encounter with one of these nocturnal predators.

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What Does It Mean To See An owl During the Day?

what does it mean to see an owl during daylight

The Historical Understanding of the Owl

Owls have played a fairly wide role symbolically throughout history. Some people believe that they tie back to the Goddess Athena who kept an owl guardian by her side.

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This was what first began the tales of the wise old owl as a sort of guardian of the forest. Other cultures revere owls as creatures of malice, with some people believing that they play a role in dark magic activities.

In many places around the world, owls are considered an omen.

Understanding The Context of Your Owl

With so many differing beliefs behind the presence of the owl, it is difficult to determine what will really apply to your siting.

In many instances, your interpretation will be influenced heavily by the actual context of your owl.

There are many different ways to interpret the meaning of your owl sighting depending on how it occurs.

Owls can be presented in different ways in your daily life. On one hand, you can legitimately just see an owl outside during the day. In a general sense, it might simply mean that you have encountered a diurnal owl.

There are certain kinds of owls that do come out during the day. However, spotting one of them still isn’t a very common occurrence.

Owls are elusive creatures, so spotting one of them is almost always significant.

Many people believe that things happen for a reason. A peculiar sighting, particularly one like a nocturnal predator spending time out during the day, is believed to be an area of relevance.

These abrupt moments in life are often believed to be a sign from the universe that something is at work.

A sighting while awake is believed to be more of a symbol than seeing owls in almost any other instance.

In addition to simply seeing one of the owls outside, you might see one of them in daylight during a dream.

Dreams are often believed to hold symbolic significance for many. In dreams, we see certain things that can be messages or even guides that can draw us to an action or carry us towards a new decision.

Dream psychology has been studied for years, but it does involve evaluating various instances around the various dream elements for evaluation. Later on in this article, we will explain what this looks like. 

The Symbolism of the Owl In Real Life

A real-life sighting is often believed to be a bold indication from the universe or nature that you should pay more attention.

Witnessing something obscure, like an owl out in daylight, is worthy of taking note. When you witness something like this, it is important to recognize that you might be receiving a message. 

Some believe that you might be called to attention. It could mean that you have overlooked something, or might simply be an omen of sorts.

The point is that it should be considered an event that is worthy of much consideration, one that has an underlying meaning that might influence your life.

The Owl As A Sign of Imbalance

One way to interpret an owl out in daylight is to consider it an indication of imbalance. It might mean that you yourself are completely out of balance or it might mean that your life will soon be.

The juxtaposition of an owl out in daylight is contrary, making it a potential indication that something simply is not right. Some might even consider this a warning that something is coming that will change the very nature of your lives.

Fortunately, the change could be a good thing rather than a bad one.

The Owl As A Symbol of Enlightenment

Another way to view an owl out in daylight is as a symbol of awakening.

The owl is usually only found at night. Seeing one outside during the day can be interpreted as an indication that you will soon see something outside of your own box.

The owl usually only sees things at night, but with this new context, its eyes are being opened in a new way.

For you, this might mean that you are about to come into a new realization that will change the world as you know it.

The Owl As A Shroud of Mystery

Owls are almost never found outside during the day. Spotting one is unusual in any context since they tend to be secretive and silent hunters.

These mysterious beings are often believed to know more than they let on. Mystery and intrigue tend to follow owls as they watch over the forest at night.

Spotting one during the day might be a sign to you that you are about to come upon a mystery or are perhaps naive to your role in one.

The Owl As A Sign of Righteous Justice

Since owls are known for their all-seeing eyes that watch over the world at night, many people think that they are a figure of justice.

The fact that they are able to see reality through the cover of darkness makes them able to more accurately judge the world around them. 

Spotting an owl, particularly one holding watch or in a strong and dignified stance, might mean that a well-deserved justice is going to come forth.

It might mean that someone who has wronged you will be brought to justice or it might mean that you are yourself going to get caught for something that you have done.

The Owl As An Image of Uncertainty or Discomfort

The owl in its natural habitat can have several different meanings, but seeing one during the day is something else completely.

Spotting an owl out in the daytime might be a sign that you are not where you are meant to be. This owl, lost and away from its preferred state, might be an indication that you are feeling this way. 

It can be a good sign to evaluate the state of your life and how you feel within it. This might apply to a career, a relationship, or even a shift in personality. It might also apply to someone else rather than yourself.

The Owl As A Wise Guide

Sometimes an owl might come to you as an indication that you have something to learn or more research to do.

The wise old owl may come as a sort of guide to tell you that you are in need of more knowledge. In some instances, it could be a warning that you must be prepared for what is to come.

In others, it could just be an implication that you have much to learn to better yourself.

Some believe that the owl comes during the day to force you to pay attention when you have otherwise been oblivious.

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The Implications of a Daytime Owl In Your Dreams

The dreamworld has long since been regarded as a way for our subconscious and the world beyond to speak to us. Many people consider our dreams to have powerful significance.

Within them, we can find the truth within ourselves as well as guidance for the world around us. 

Our dreams are able to provide us with hidden meanings that our conscious mind might not recognize, which is why our minds rely on dreams to send little messages.

When evaluating dreams, it is important to consider the elements involved within the dream, then draw an interpretation based on the two elements together.

The Daylight Element

In a dream interpretation context, daylight is often considered to be a sense of normalcy.

Within our dreams, a daytime setting is generally meant to imply that your mind is presenting you with information that applies to your real life. In most instances, a daytime dream does not have any sort of malice or imply a problem by itself.

However, this is not always the case.

Daylight can also be considered a symbol of a sort of need for a brutal awakening.

Some people believe that a daytime setting, particularly with other jarring dream elements, is a sign that you might be overlooking for something.

Think of this as an indication that you are not really looking at something in daylight, but rather shrouded in the cover of darkness.

The implication here is that you need to turn on the lights and view the situation for what it really is. It might simply be an indication to open your eyes.

The Owl Element

Dream interpretations of owls are fairly wide depending on the circumstance. In many instances, they are considered to be indications of wisdom, or the ability to see something that others do not.

Some believe that owls are meant to be omens of virtue or even death. In most instances, they are meant to be symbolic of magic and a deeper connection to the world around you.

Bringing the Two Together

Witnessing an owl in daylight can mean that you might have something to learn or a type of knowledge that is coming to you.

It might mean that you are growing in your awareness of the world, finally seeing the world for what it is.

Or, it might simply mean that your subconscious wants you to open your eyes and really see reality for what it is rather than hiding away from some of the less pleasant elements.

Evaluating Your Own Circumstances To Understand the Message

When interpreting any kind of symbol, it is important to remember that it is specific to you. Independently, symbols hold very little value.

However, when applied to a certain context or instance within your life, you might realize that the symbol actually has quite a lot to say.

In order to truly understand what the significance of sighting an owl during the day is, you must focus on yourself and reality as you know it.

The true interpretation of these symbols will be determined by your personal situation. If you have just started a new job, the owl might be showing you that you are feeling out of place in your new environment.

If you have been ignoring certain inconsistencies with a partner, the owl might be an indication that it is time to take off your rose-colored glasses and pay more attention. 

At the end of the day, symbols only have meaning when they have a specific message for the individual.

When you see this, don’t only look into what it might mean, but consider what it might truly mean for you in particular. This is the only way to understand the true symbolism.


Owls are amazing creatures that are often considered to bring a vital message in many instances. 

Seeing an owl in broad daylight is an unusual occurrence, and there might be more to it than an owl simply out past its bedtime. 

As you seek the understand what the owl might mean symbolically, take time to evaluate all of the factors in the instance. Is the owl standing tall? Proud? Does it look a bit menacing?

Really consider the situation, then decide how this sighting might apply to your life. Only you can decide what the owl is trying to tell you


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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I just saw a huge gorgeous owl sitting on my front porch rail. We shared a magical stare. It then flew to a tree and I noticed another owl on that tree.
    They were so calm and beautiful. I feel like I received a great gift this morning!

  2. On October24/19 I was raking leaves in my yard when a bird flew close to my head and perched on my trellis., I realized It was an Owl. It stayed there for one hour staring at me and twisting it’s head around. It was very calm. It stayed until I finished raking and then flew north. I was very concerned as I felt that Owl had brought me a message. I took pictures and sent to my friends and family. Three day after my son brought me an ultra sound of my first grandson who was born on May 21st. 2020. The happiest day of my life. That Owl brought me good news.

  3. Today at 11:17am I happened to see a large barred owl sitting on a rocking chair in my backyard looking down. I went outside to see what type of bird it was as his back is all I could see. He turned around and looked at me and sat there. I was able to snap a photo. He was large and beautiful. It flew into a nearby tree and stared at me. I thought it was trying to capture one of my chipmunks so I did try showing it away. I later looked up how common it is to see an owl during the daytime and kept seeing these scary negative suggestions pop up meaning death or illness. I also have read positive things about seeing them. How do we know what to believe? This owl appeared to be looking down looking for something. I found it odd he was out in the daytime and so close to the ground on the top of my chair. Any insight or opinions would be appreciated. What’s even more bazaar is I sent my sister the photo and she flipped out telling me how she just watched a video that same morning of an owl being rescued. She then sends me a picture of what appears to be an owl in one of her trees later on in the night. Neither of us have seen an owl before today…

  4. When my husband passed away and I left the hospital there was an owl in the tree outside the hospital and I still see his feathers flutter in the wind. To me it was a sign from my husband telling me that he is alright and I should not worry.
    He always fed the birds in our yard

  5. I saw an own coming to me when I sat under mango tree in the farm, hurriedly I fear rush to stand up and ran or protecting my self. After the land down looking staring at me with gorgeous face, yet the fear in ain’t make me calm down to observe the whole scenario but later flew off….. But since that time never even concentrate or try to found what was that mean not until I see some changes in my life my mind rewind to the scene.

  6. I saw an owl siting on a branch of my peach tree in my back yard facing the window where I was standing today at 12:02 pm
    What does that mean?

  7. I saw an owl in the ditch. I thought it was hurt so I backed up and it seen me and flew away. I didn’t understand why I seen an owl in the daytime. I just found out my brother was really sick and made some soup for him and dropped it off and then went for a drive to get some coffee and that’s when I seen the owl in the ditch. The Owl was so beautiful. I wish I would have been able to take a picture. I have a lot happening in my life right now. The police have been trying to charge these people for Frauding a senior. I hope that is what this means that these people are finally going to get caught. Thank you. What does it mean?

  8. I hear the same owk everyday for last two weeks then finally yesterday evening I seen it jus sitting there staring at me,then again today in the middle of the day looking at me kinda curiosity,then jus flee away,wat could this mean

  9. Hi, i hope you are all well. This morning we saw an owl standing on the boundary wall of our home facing many directions such as the house and others. It wasnt standing tall but rather had its neck hunched inside the shoulders and we saw this owl in the early morning at 8:00 am. What does this mean?

  10. I saw a beautiful Owl sitting on on a short tree stump in my front yard. It was gorgeous White &gray. It had Hugh eyes. It sat there looking at my house. I went outside & it looked dead into my eyes. I slowly walked towards it & it continued to looking in my eyes & I in it’s eyes. I got within 3-4 ft. of it , it just sat there. I spoke to it softly. It didn’t move. Then I sang , »Amazing Grace ». Still it just sat there looking at me for a long time. I said my goodbyes to & thanked it for the visit. I turned to look at it one more time. And there it sat. I went back inside watching it from my window. It was still looking at me. I went to make some lunch, once done I went back to the window & it was gone.
    To my great surprise it was back the next morning it was back!! We went through the same routine as the day before. When I went back to the house it just sat there for a half hour. Staring arme through the window. Finally it flew off . What a beautiful experience !
    To this day I still feel very blessed. That was 30 years ago & I remember it like it was yesterday. Melony S. Alexander.

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