How to get rid of birds that are in your attic?


The strange, fluttery noises that come from your attic may not be the ghosts of the former owners, but instead birds that have decided your attic makes the perfect home. While there are many beneficial reasons to have birds near your home, birds who decide to nest in your attic is another matter.

In addition to the noise they make, the droppings carry germs, diseases, and bacteria that can make you and those who live in your home sick. Plus, birds can also damage the items you keep in the attic and cause a mess that takes effort to clean up. What follows are a few ways to get rid of birds in the attic and keep them out.

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How to stop birds from getting into the attic?

1. Seal off the Attic 

Look for any entrances to the attic where birds can get in. You can plug holes and cracks in the walls and roof along with placing mesh over openings like windows and vents. Your goal should be to seal off the attic from the birds and occasional inspections to ensure that your measures are still in place. 

Using tight mesh or netting is a simple, effective means of keeping the birds out. This polyurethane net has small enough meshing to ensure no birds can come in and also comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

2. Bird Gel


If birds are entering your attic through a small gap, this bird repellent gel is an effective solution. It’s a new product that an be used in a wide range of locations. The gel emits ultraviolet light as well as scent of peppermint oil. In combination with each other, these sensations feel like fire to birds! 

Place the gel anywhere you suspect birds of getting in. 

The gel will typically last between 2-4 years and can be a great alternative to netting. The gel however is relatively pricey. 

3. Shiny Tape 

Birds are scared of reflective materials and is the reason why shiny tapes (or anything shiny!) is a very effective birds repellant.

Shiny tape can be placed subtly out of view and applied to any surface. Most importantly it is a cheap method of getting stopping birds getting in to your attic. 

4. Decoys


Decoys are a very good way of scaring birds away. Maybe difficult to place on the roof these decoys could be used inside close to any holes you may suspect birds are getting through. Owl Decoy like this work well as it moves its head for added realism. 

Most birds will find owls, fox, coyotes and racoon decoys to be frightening because these animals are their biggest predators. Decoys can be surprisingly effective, give them a try. 

 How to get rid of birds that are already in the attic?

1. Sound Emitter 

Maybe a somewhat strange suggestion but an audio device can be a great deterrent if birds have already entered your attic. The emitter will produce sounds that irritate birds and cause them to stay away from your attic. The downside is that such emitters are not cheap.

These emitters are design for outside however they still work inside. It can be a very quick solution to getting rid of birds in your attic. 

2. Wait Until They Leave

If the birds are present when you enter the attic a simple solution is to just leave them for a few days. Some birds move locations often and might well leave within a few hours or days. 

If birds have already nested in your attic then you need to follow strict guidelines. The removal of a nest can be illegal and you may face fines or charges. Please follow this article on How To Remove a Nest to ensure the well being of the birds as well as ensuring that you do not break any laws.  

3. Smell 

Perhaps the most natural way to keep birds away from your attic is by playing with their sense of smell. There are a few smells such as peppermint oil, garlic and cayenne pepper that are know to repel birds.

Using these is harmless and subtle. They are natural ingredients which won’t harm the bird either, only scare them away!

This article covers what smells keep birds away in further detail!

4. Clean the attic 

If you see signs that birds have been in your attic, but they are not around, take the time to clean the area after it has been sealed. Look for any empty nests, droppings, or other signs and remove them from the attic. You can use a disinfectant or diluted bleach to clear away the droppings. Be sure to wear a mask when doing so to prevent becoming sick or infected.

Once the attic is sealed and the area cleaned, inspect the attic in a couple of days to see if the birds found another way in.

5. Call a Professional 

While most people associate exterminators with insects and rodents, many are also experts on clearing out birds. While you will pay a fee for their services, a professional exterminator not only has the knowledge and experience to get rid of the birds, they also can inspect the attic to find the holes and entrances where birds can come in.

By employing one or more of these methods, you can not only get rid of the birds in your attic but keep them out as well. However, if you discover that the strange, fluttery noises are not birds, then you might want to consider calling a ghost exterminator.

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